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The City That Never Stops Improving

New programs have made their way to Virginia Beach

The BlockbyBlock Ambassadors Program

You’ve probably seen the people in bright yellow stationed in various spots in the resort area of the Oceanfront. These are the BlockbyBlock Ambassadors, whose services include litter collection and cleaning, guest hospitality and resource efforts, patrol shifts and homeless outreach.

Ambassadors can be found navigating the resort area, collecting litter, removing graffiti and stickers, cleaning public trash receptacles and conducting pressure washing operations. They also remain alert and ready to assist the public, whether it be by answering questions about the area, providing resources or recommendations or being on standby in case of any emergency.

The BlockbyBlock Ambassador Program operates year-round and consistently keeps the resort area a beautiful destination beyond just tourist season. Whether it be by providing the public resources that enhance a visitor’s trip or maintaining a clean and safe environment, these ambassadors make the Virginia Beach resort area an oasis for all one block at a time.

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The Offshore Wind Turbines

Something that really sets Virginia Beach apart from the rest is the Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind Farm located 27 miles off the Virginia Beach Coast. This offshore wind energy project is committed to delivering clean and renewable energy and avoiding carbon dioxide emissions.

While this is only the second offshore wind project in the nation, it is the first that is owned by an electric utility company (Dominion Power).

Once the wind farm is completely built, it is expected to power up to 660K homes, create at least 1,100 jobs and bring the region closer to achieving our net-zero emission goals.

The turbines stand even taller than the Washington Monument at 650 ft above water, an extra 80 ft below the water and 120 ft below the ocean floor, making them an extraordinary sight to see. There are even a few different boat tours available in the area that will take you out to see the giant turbines off the coast.

With the Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind Farm living in the Atlantic, it’s safe to say that Virginia Beach is destined to become the green energy capital of the East Coast.

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