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Why Go Virginia Green?

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Why Go Virginia Green?

Virginia Green helps tourism businesses make voluntary commitments to be good environmental stewards while also helping them grow their business. Green-minded consumers are encouraged to support these Virginia businesses that are official “Virginia Green” participants.

Support green practices in Virginia’s tourism industry all year long by learning more about the Virginia Green Travel program.

What is Virginia Green?
Virginia Green Travel partners have certified their environmental commitments through the Virginia Green program.

The Virginia Green certification is supported and promoted through a partnership between Virginia Tourism, the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality and the Virginia Restaurant Lodging and Travel Association.

The program requirements include commitments to recycling and waste reduction, energy and water conservation, sustainable purchasing, and the support of green events and meetings.

Wherever you travel in Virginia, you can find tourism businesses that are committed to protecting the environment.

The program involves green-minded consumers as we ask them to support these businesses and provide customer feedback!

Who is certified Virginia Green?
Virginia Green provides certification programs for all types of tourism businesses and activities in Virginia.

For more information about getting Certified Virginia Green for your business go here:

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