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Freebee Rides

Available year-round in Virginia Beach, a transportation service called Freebee is available to all residents and visitors free of charge. Freebee provides door-to-door rides in the local community, including the Virginia Beach Resort Area and the Creative ViBe District, in eco-friendly vehicles.

This on-demand service simply involves downloading the “Ride Freebee” app from the App Store or on Google Play, where there is a listing of local restaurants and attractions that riders can be driven to in the Freebee mapping zone. Learn more at

Submit a ride request 20 minutes in advance and then receive a lift in a 100% electric Tesla Model X to a destination that is within the designated area. While tipping the Community Ambassador is not required, it is fine to do so.

Freebee is a positive community program provided by the city as an effort of shared mobility services in the area to help reduce traffic and parking issues. Furthermore, this service provides an alternative to drinking and driving. And because the vehicles are electric, this program helps reduce the amount of carbon dioxide that would be emitted from gas-powered vehicles.

Relax and enjoy the ride!

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