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Family Fun Xperience

The Stage is Set for Family Fun

What’s even more exciting than seeing a live theater performance? Being a part of the action on stage, of course! Family Fun Xperience recently celebrated the grand opening of its FFX Theater venue on 16th Street at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront, and families are in for an action-packed interactive experience unlike any other.

At Family Fun Xperience, no two shows are ever exactly the same because the audience is asked to participate in hilarious plot twists, games, trivia and more—all focused on creating a unique shared experience for every family in the audience. The concept was created by “Xecutive Director” Tim Ritter while on vacation with his own family. He recognized a need for things to do that are not only fun but strengthen families by bringing them together.

Located just steps from the Boardwalk and the Virginia Beach Fishing Pier, Family Fun Xperience features an inviting space for show patrons, arranged much like a giant living room with large comfy sofas, chairs and tables just right for gathering with family for a night of fun, laughter and real-life together time, no devices required! And, when they say family, they mean the whole family—not just young kids and parents but teenagers, grandparents, aunts, uncles and everyone will find something to laugh and learn about.

“The cast and crew at Family Fun Xperience are hyper-focused on creating a shared experience for every family in the audience,” noted the theater in a press release for its grand opening. “That’s why it’s not a typical show or play, this is a live production with a hilarious story about a family that also includes a wide variety of games and challenges embedded in the production that involve the whole audience. Family members get to play along with the play.”

Family Fun Xperience is taking a variety of precautionary measures during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic to create a safe environment for attendees. For more information about safety, tickets prices and show times, visit FFXShow.org.

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