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Virginia Beach Oceanfront

Our Beaches are Open, Wide Open, for Business

At the heart of Virginia Beach are our sweeping beaches along the Atlantic Ocean. Wide, spacious and waiting for you, these beaches have plenty of room for you and your family to stake your claim in the sand, equipped with your umbrella, chairs and plenty of room to spare. From just off the steps of the boardwalk to where the waves roll in, Virginia Beach’s vast, sandy beaches are perfect for everyone to safely enjoy an unforgettable beach day.

One of our most popular beaches is at the Oceanfront, a resort destination that keeps you close to all of Virginia Beach’s action. The Oceanfront is centered around the three-mile boardwalk. The Virginia Beach Boardwalk connects you to seaside shops, restaurants with a view and plenty of entertainment. Just off the boardwalk, on Atlantic and Pacific Avenues, the bustling streets are lined with even more hotels, shops and restaurants.

The sounds of waves crashing calls you off the boardwalk and onto the 28 miles of beach at the Oceanfront. Take in the area while soaring high on a parasail or ride the waves while surfing or jet skiing.

When you visit Virginia Beach, you’re sure to spend some time on the famous Virginia Beach Boardwalk. There are a number of ways to move along the boardwalk. You can walk, jog, skate or ride a bike, taking in all of the sights and sounds as you go.

Find a blend of traditional beach shops and modern apparel retailers when you shop at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront. If you’re missing any beach essentials or want to pick up some more, you can find a store for all of your necessities all along Atlantic and Pacific Avenues. Looking for something to wear for a night out on the town? You can find a variety of trendy boutiques at the Oceanfront.

In the evening, Atlantic Avenue becomes a stage as Live! On Atlantic showcases a variety of performers. Enjoy everything from talented street performers to musicians, jugglers and more. You can find even more live entertainment at the local restaurants, bars and clubs at the Oceanfront.

Breakfast, lunch or dinner, you’re sure to have a delicious dining experience at the Oceanfront. With a number of restaurants both on and off the boardwalk, you’ll have almost too many options to choose from. A meal in Virginia Beach is not complete without ordering some of our locally caught seafood. You can even find local fishermen on the Virginia Beach Fishing Pier on 15th Street reeling in their latest catch. Or, just grab a quick bite and a drink while enjoying the breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean.

The Virginia Beach Oceanfront is the perfect place to stay for a memorable getaway.

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