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Family Friendly Eateries in Virginia Beach
If there’s one thing to note about Virginia Beach, it’s the incredible dining scene. There is truly something for everyone, whether you’re looking for locally sourced seafood, a hip pizza joint, a good ole-fashioned American burger or a farm fresh breakfast. Virginia Beach has got it all.

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Dine Responsibly with Sensible, Sustainable Seafood
Although Virginia Beach is known for its tremendous selection of seafood, there are some oceanic species that are underpopulated and therefore shouldn’t be fished year-round to protect the ocean’s natural ecosystem. To make locals and visitors more aware of this, the Virginia Aquarium created the Sensible Seafood …

Farm-to-Table Eats in Virginia Beach
The farm-to-table food movement is focused on meals expertly crafted with locally sourced ingredients that are not only delicious and nutritious but sustainable for the environment and future generations. Fortunately for hungry families vacationing in Virginia Beach, there are plenty of dining destinations where you can dig into …

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