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DoubleTree by Hilton Virginia Beach

DoubleTree by Hilton Virginia Beach


Benefits available- Medical, Dental, Vision, Short Term disability, Long term disability, 401, vacation pay, holiday pay and hotel discounts.

The Laundry Attendant is responsible for:

Responsible for receiving dirty linen, loading it into washing machines, transferring linen to dryers and than removing accordingly.

Dry folded linen will be neatly positioned and stacked in a clean laundry cart for removal and subsequent delivery to the client hotel for use.
Operate the washing and drying machines, avoiding over loading and monitoring same for proper detergent mix and length of machine cycles.
Inspects linens coming from dryers for softness, cleanliness and quality.
The Laundry Attendant’s primary responsibilities will include:

Attends daily pre-shift meeting in housekeeping department.
Empties dirty linen from linen carts into a scale cart, insuring that the weight is commensurate with the washing machine capacity and detergent mix.
Loads weighed dirty linen into washing machine, set controls and proceeds to unload, weigh and load second cart load of dirty linen into the next washing machine and so on as per the day’s laundry demand.
Once a load of laundry has been cycled through a washing machine, it is unloaded and transferred into a dryer, making sure the load weight matches the capacity of the dryer machine. The drying machine controls are set for the proper settings, initiating the drying cycle.
Upon completion of the drying cycle, the linens are removed from the machine and hand folded by a team of two attendants for bed linens or individually for bath terry.
Care is to be taken to fold, stack and load a clean linen cart so as not to discolor the cleaned linens.
As the linens are removed, the quality of cleanliness and softness is to be monitored with any corrective actions discussed with the Laundry Supervisor.
As carts are filled with clean linen, the carts are positioned outside of the laundry folding area and queued in a line for pick up by the delivery truck driver, taking care so as not to mix linens from one hotel with another.
Carts of linen continue to be processed in order throughout the shift, cycling the functions of loading, unloading and folding in a manufacturing line process.
Laundry staff is to insure that the work area and machinery are left in a clean, organized and functional condition at the end of the shift, enabling the following shift, when applicable, to begin their work on a timely manner.
Reports any machine problems to the Laundry Supervisor.

To apply for this job please visit harmonyhospitality.com.

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