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The Virginia Green Travel Star Awards


Since 2010, the Virginia Green Star Awards have been given annually to the GREENEST tourism businesses in the Commonwealth. Typically, more than 30 businesses and individuals are recognized at our annual Virginia Green Travel Conference, which is scheduled to take place in Richmond on April …


The Virginia Beach Hospitality Political Action Committee (PAC) is a non-partisan committee that encourages discussion vital to the positive growth of the hospitality industry in Virginia Beach. The PAC is an independent organization supporting incumbents and candidates whose positions are consistent with the PAC and the Virginia Beach Hotel Association (VBHA)

Virginia Beach …

ADA Compliant

Should My Website Be ADA Compliant?

In 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was developed to make certain that people with disabilities have the same opportunities as anyone else. Basically what this means is, that any business that serves the public must make sure their building can accommodate people with a disability …

go green in virginia

Plan Your Green Vacation in Virginia
Virginia Tourism is proud to be a supporting partner of the Virginia Green program, our state’s initiative to encourage green tourism practices in all aspects of our tourism industry.
Virginia Green participants have made voluntary commitments to reduce their impacts on the environment. You can reduce your own …

Coastal Virginia Hospitality Expo

Coastal Virginia Hospitality Expo

Coastal Virginia Hospitality Expo bring together vendors, industry experts and the hospitality community in an exchange of products, services and ideas to make your business more successful.

DATE/TIME: FEBRUARY 5, 2020 from 3-7pm.
PLACE: Holiday Inn
5655 Greenwich Road Virginia Beach, VA 23462

Go to www.covavendorexpo.com for a listing of vendors …

get certified virginia green

Why Go Virginia Green?

Virginia Green helps tourism businesses make voluntary commitments to be good environmental stewards while also helping them grow their business. Green-minded consumers are encouraged to support these Virginia businesses that are official “Virginia Green” participants.

Support green practices in Virginia’s tourism industry all year long by learning more about the …

Legislative Corner

Legislative Corner
Join us to discuss issues of importance when the Virginia Beach Hospitality PAC travels to Richmond on Tuesday, January 7, 2020 to meet with state delegates and senators. 2020 is sure to be a year of change and the Virginia Beach Hospitality PAC, the Virginia Restaurant, Lodging & Travel Association (VRLTA) …

virginia beach sports center

Virginia Beach Sports Center
In November of 2020 the Virginia Beach Sports Center will open and usher in over 43,000 athletes in the first year!! Our region is thrilled to host the teams and families in the coming years and expand an already impressive sports program in Virginia Beach. Virginia Beach Convention and …

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