– Arielle Patterson

Virginia Beach entertainment

Virginia Beach’s Family-Friendly Entertainment
A trip to Virginia Beach is sure to be an unforgettable getaway. Adding to those memories are the entertainment options available throughout the city, perfect for all ages.

As you stroll along the Virginia Beach Boardwalk, let soothing sounds or upbeat rhythms surround you. Local musicians and bands play a …


Dine Responsibly with Sensible, Sustainable Seafood
Although Virginia Beach is known for its tremendous selection of seafood, there are some oceanic species that are underpopulated and therefore shouldn’t be fished year-round to protect the ocean’s natural ecosystem. To make locals and visitors more aware of this, the Virginia Aquarium created the Sensible Seafood …

ViBe Creative District

Catch the Cool Factor of the ViBe Creative District
Situated between the sandy Oceanfront and inland Virginia Beach is a vibrant neighborhood bursting with color and personality. The ViBe Creative District, stretching from 16th to 22nd Streets, is a cultural enclave of restaurants, artists, craftsmen, fitness, shops and more. Local artisans are inspired …

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